Cotton Zone Ltd

Separate Unit of Garments

Knitting Unit

Floor Space-4,000 sft

Manpower -30 people

Kiniting Capacity -3000 Kg/Day

Complete garment knitting is a next-generation form of fully fashioned knitting that adds the capability of making a 3-dimensional full garment. Unlike other fully fashioned knitting, where the shaped pieces must still be sewn together, finished complete knitted garments do not have seams. The knitting machines' computerized instructions direct movement of hundreds of needles to construct and connect several tubular knitted forms to create a complete garment in a single production step.

Sewing Unit

Floor Space -20,000 sft

Total -8 Lines

Free programmable CNC-sewing unit with rotating sewing head for machines in modular design.

Excellent seam quality and constant thread tension in all sewing directions allow the use of this CNC-sewing unit in all areas of technical textiles manufacture with highest demands on quality, i.e. visible seam paths.